By combining the strengths of inbound marketing, smart design, and strategic development,
we can help put you into orbit around your competition.

1. Identify

Starting with market research, analytic examination, and aesthetic understanding we are able to identify structural weaknesses in a client's web presence to determine what actions must be taken.

2. Assemble

While we design and arrange a functional website, our content creators develop usable and shareable material that can establish our clients as substantial sources of knowledge within their respective field.

3. Activate

Once all checkpoints are met and the client is happy with the developed product, Capacitr presses down on a giant red button labeled ACTIVATE and the client's website, blog, and social media sites are enabled.

4. Control

Once launched, our social experts, content creators, and analytic engineers keep a keen eye on all of our client's website data to determine its effectiveness. From there, we make the necessary adjustments for the good of our clients.

Our Process

At Capacitr we approach things differently. We believe in breaking down ideas into key components and the dissecting through exploration. We will work through your problems and find innovative solutions that are not compromised by technology or vision.

1. Identify
2. Assemble
3. Activate
4. Control

Most companies already have some kind of web presence

Our first step is to research and analyze where a company stands compared to similar businesses. The better idea we have of the existing presence, the easier it will be to improve an overall standing.
Assemble Objectives

Once we can see what kind of footing a company has online, we formulate a plan

Adjustments to the company's web presence can range from minor to drastic- this all depends on their original market position and the client's goals.

We implement our strategies to excel a company into inter-stellar awesomeness.

With the help of expert designers, software engineers, and content creators, our SEO team has the power they need to form a solid foundation for our clients to build on for the future.

Proper SEO depends on user engagement and analyzation of this data

As time passes, we are able make controlled adjustments to continue to improve a company's web presence.


We’ve brought brands to life through engaging user experience design and effective back-end solutions. Our portfolio of design work shows ideas that have spawned off of innovation and creativity. We combine our knowledge of marketing with our design-driven work to create designs people love.

Glenmark Foods
Chicagoland Beverage
Kick@55 Bootcamp
David's Kosher
SFX Baseball
Crust Gourmet Pizza
Berghoff Beer
Chicago Veterinary Emergency
Addictive Entertainment
International Mobile App
Below the Collar
Moo & Oink
Gerstner MD
Ritz Carlton Chicago
Madison & Friends
Scalas Italian Beef
One Hour Tees - SEO
Kovitz Investment Group
Jemm Burger

The team

Content Creators


Analytics Experts

Software Engineers

Each of our clients receive special attention from content creators who write and produce original work. Through decisive communication we establish a tone and personality that fits your needs while still focusing on creative ways to connect with a wide spectrum of viewers.
Our designers stay up to date with the latest technology and aesthetic advancements to make each of our client's online personality stylish yet on point to the message they choose to send. We believe simplicity is virtuous and aim to make our client's designs to exactly what they desire.
There's no point to having a website if the right people can't find it. Our Analytics Engineers insure our client's site won't go unseen. With proper SEO practices and constant monitoring of data development we shape each website to garner its highest search potential.
Nothing's worse than a website that doesn't function properly. That's why we keep a team of talented software engineers to enable your ideas to exactly how you imagine them. Using the latest technology in PROGRAM THING, PROGRAM THING, etc, we are able to develop a wide range of applications that work seamlessly with your website.

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