Berghoff Brewery

Breathing new life into an iconic Chicago beer brand.


Capacitr helped Berghoff Brewery, a brand with over 100-years of heritage, identify and execute a successful online strategy that ranged from website development to content & social.


Berghoff Brewery is a micro-brewery headquartered in Chicago. The brand began in 1887 with the production of 12,000 barrels of their famous lager beer. By 1890, that number had grown to 90,000 barrels. The brand had heritage, and was looking to revamp its image and attract a younger, more “hip” audience. In 2012, the brand underwent a full rebrand and came out with new classic recipes that appealed to those interested in the rising popularity of craft beers. Armed with a new brand and new recipes, Berghoff needed to create a unique footprint for themselves on the web and approached us to help guide them through that process.


Tapping one of our local designers, we began to work with the newly produced Berghoff brand guidelines and revamped beer labels to create a unique website that adequately displayed the wide variety of craft offerings the brand was in production with. We opted to create a customized template for them in WordPress to ensure easy updates as the brand continued to evolve. We also felt it was necessary to clearly communicate the historical importance of the brand and worked with them to develop a ‘timeline’ style About page that clearly communicated the deep heritage of the brand. Once the site launched and the buzz continued to grow, we wanted to position Berghoff as an authority in the craft beer space and began writing unique content for them to post via their blog and social media outlets. This unique content was responsible for attracting thousands of new visitors to the site from outside the midwest and helped put the wheels in motion for their expansion into other areas in the United States.




Services provided

Website design & development

Mobile site designs

Content strategy & creation

Social media management


July 14, 2015


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